Expect the unexpected & let unexpected dreams become your imagination…..

The Game of Goons…

Have you ever held onto a thought even after knowing it as a pawn in the play of your mind in sleep? How many times have you forced sleep yourself to complete those mesmerizing morning dreams? Yes, the human mind is a... Continue Reading →

A boy named ISHAAN

How may times do you actually live your life up to your expectations? Every day you make promises of being faithful towards your dreams and aspirations but every time you fail. Your life becomes a whole head of compromises than compassion... Continue Reading →

R.I.P Words:

There are so many unsaid things in this world. Every day so many words die. Some deaths are good and some are sad but every death should be realised. In a life dominated by worthless tensions, your words are the... Continue Reading →

Are you Liberated?

The title of this blog post has been at the backdrop of popular revolutions and rebellions across the globe. The french revolution, the American revolution, the Cuban revolution are just a few to be named. Looking at the histories of... Continue Reading →

In relationship with Freelancing!

Writing is a very important part of me. It approached me like a regular love affair. I started writing in my early teens when I was living a private life of my own. This sentence might seem foolish to many... Continue Reading →

What should be your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION?

Resolution... a strong word with potentially stronger implications,  bound by weaker realisations. Every year, we make a lot of promises to people but the most important promises are the ones that are inspired by a force from within. Promises that... Continue Reading →

Easy, Brain!

Have you ever tried to focus on one thing at a time? Like preparing for an exam in advance or completing your long due assignment or trying to meditate on some important issue? There are always times when out of... Continue Reading →

The Scatterbrained Scapegoat:

You all have heard about the mob, seen it and been a part of it at one or other point of time in your life. So, what is a mob? A group of people, some would say. Violent, dangerous and... Continue Reading →

What do Anniversaries Stand for?

A million gigabytes!! This is just an approximate storage space of your brain. Memory has devised interesting concepts of remembering friends and foe, memorising days and dates and tagging everything mobile and immobile. From this tagging, days remembered are marked... Continue Reading →

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